.​.​.​And a Heartful of Love

by A Fistful of Envy

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The first demo from A Fistful of Envy. It was recorded by Brent Drew, Garrett Huffman, and Matt Dahmer. The 4-track demo was sold for $1.


released July 27, 2010

All words by Brent Drew except "Home.." written by Brent Drew and Garrett Huffman

All music by A Fistful of Envy



all rights reserved


A Fistful of Envy Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Closer to You
I'm invisible to you.
This you already know.
People push me away
and block me off too.
Just to get a little closer to you.
Just to get a little closer to you.

Closer to you
Closer to you
I could not be
closer to you.
Track Name: Weather of Love
No one wants us together
they say I could do better.
What they don't know and I do.
Is that you love me and I you.

These things no one can see,
let's spend eternity
together, forever,
in the weather,
the weather of love.

Where ever we go we can't hide.
I always want you by my side.
And if that can't happen,
we'll spend eternity nappin'.

Where ever we go we can't hide.
There's always suzy-cide.
I'll spend eternity with you.
Track Name: Whether the Weather Days
We've came all this way
why turn back now?
There's something you're not telling me
you gotta say somehow.
I don't really know where I'm going to.
I just know that I want you...

Back to square one for me
Back to the start
I know she still cares for me
I'm still in her heart
Not as lovers
You as friends
You said it's better off this way
You hope I understand...

I want you Blue Moon
I want you Blue Eyes
I want you in bloom
I want you Sunrise
Winter nights come
Spring eves
Summer days pass
Fall leaves...
Track Name: Home is Where the Heartest
If you don't like it you don't have to stick around.
Don't care if you call or skip town.
But if you leave keep chasing your dreams,
there never as far as they seem.

Home is where the heartest,
places to find.
Could you be a pal and point me to mine?
Point me to mine.

The next train leave in about fifteen.
Unlike you i'm no beauty queen.
Your the saddest thing
I've ever seen leave.
Never will you shed a tear
again on my sleeve.

I'm just ramblin' around.
I'm just walking from town to town.
There's no place i'll ever be found.
There's no where to go but down,
nowhere but down.