Brunswick Town​-​Live!

by A Fistful of Envy

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Brunswick Town-Live! was recorded at 'the Fear' as it is called by the members of A Fistful of Envy. The songs were recorded during the first gig, which was after a practice. The vocals are shot, in some songs due to the practice before the gig. But don't let that deter you from enjoying the album!


released March 15, 2011

All words by Brent Drew, except "No One But You" which is by Brent Drew and Garrett Huffman

All music by A Fistful of Envy

Introduction by Chris Ashby



all rights reserved


A Fistful of Envy Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: First Impressions Last A Lifetime
There's a special part of my heart-
and it belongs to you.
There's not much I can say and or do.
I liked you, before I knew your name-
I saw a picture of you holding a picture frame.
The first time that we met, do you remember it?

Because I do,
And I think you do too.
Do you remember the words I said?
They still ring in my head
"Check out all this cool stuff I stole!"

Music is and music was,
on the wings of the bee that buzzed.
Around my ears and spoke of you,
I'm so glad that I knew.
I'm so glad that I knew.
The first time that we met, do you remember it?
Track Name: R.E.M. Man
I want to live in my R.E.M. state-
Where everything is perfect and great-
Where you're always there, and we have all the time to spare.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.

There's one thing, I'm sure,
there is but one cure,
for these dreams of mine.
And that's you and me
caressing till we say "goodbye."
But, I don't want to say
what will make you go away;
even though, I know I should.

'Cause I don't want to take,
and I don't want to lose.
I don't want to have to
make you choose.
Between me and him,
between start and end,
between brand new
and already been used

Because the answer my heart can't stand,
and all I want to do is, baby, be your man.
Track Name: Amusing Ourselves to Death
Amusing ourselves to death

Technology is killing us
but I don't mean the radio.
It's the TV and computer,
they're the ones that gotta go!

When it comes down who to vote for
Which one gives me the most?
And which one looks better
giving a champagne toast!